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My story

My name is Katherine Stephenson and I am a fused glass artist based in the Peak District. I have always had a passion for art and design, I discovered glass art as part of my Foundation Degree in Art and Design at West Dean College, Chichester .The course introduced me to a range of art mediums including printmaking , stained and fused glass and I developed an interest in glass and print fusion. However I could only pursue this interest in the summer holidays  because I worked full time as a university lecturer and course leader of a degree programme. A close family tragedy led to me deciding to leave my career and glass art became a somewhat therapeutic tool for me. I now  pursue my passion for glass art in my home studio in the Peak District. I find the creative process both  extremely rewarding and also therapeutic..

My inspiration

As my art work has developed, my focus is increasingly on painterly effect  semi-abstract glass landscapes. My inspiration comes from the natural environment. I feel extremely fortunate to be surrounded by such breathtaking beautiful landscapes. I divide my time between my home in the heart of the Peak District and a little fishing village on the stunning Spanish coast.   As a keen hiker, I am inspired by the wild rugged landscape, the rock formations and big dramatic skies. I take numerous photographs to capture natural features of the land, which inspires my glass art. I find it so rewarding to find innovate ways to use glass as  a medium to capture movement, colour texture and a sense of place.


My Process

I work by layering specialist crushed glass a to create the illusion of texture. I allow the glass to flow to give movement to each piece. I work with different reactions in the glass as the chemical properties of certain glass when combined together and fired in the kiln create reactions. I sometimes add pure silver to the mix and get wonderful surprising results.The glass is fired in a kiln for about 14 hours at 800ºC and often requires multiple firings. It is a long process but is a visually stunning medium to work with. The beauty of fused glass is that it appears to be constantly changing in different lights and settings . Working with fused glass is an exciting process as it changes in the kiln from a solid form to molten form and back again. No matter how much knowledge you have, you are never totally in control and I like that. I open my kiln each morning with eager anticipation, sometimes I am delighted and other times I am intrigued! There is never a dull moment!

 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

I am committed, wherever possible, to reduce, reuse and recycle. In my glass studio nothing is thrown away! Greetings cards,  sun catchers and  pendants are all made exclusively by recycling the offcuts of studio glass.  I used recycled paper for the cards and wooden bases and backing boards from sustainable sources. Even the jewellery bails in my pendents are recycled sterling silver. 

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